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Baby Sister

By on June 16, 2020

The beginning of 2020 started out with some very happy and long anticipated news! We found out we were having a baby in January. Lachlan’s baby sister is due in October this year. We are all looking forward to growing our family and making many happy memories.

Gender Reveal…

Toddler with Tree of Life


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Animal Kingdom with a toddler

By on March 18, 2019

We took our toddler son to Disney World for the first time and we chose Animal Kingdom as his first park. This was for a few reasons…

I had been to all of the parks before and this one has always been a favorite. I know that the Magic…


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Sedona Vortexes

By on December 3, 2018

“What’s your child’s name?”
“Lachlan. It means lake land.”

Talking directly to Lachlan, “Did you see the city lights?”
Lachlan gurgle-urgles.

“Your child can see the city of lights above the rock and that all I’m going to say”

Zach and Jessi
Atlanta, GA, USA

Hi we are Zach and Jessi. Some say we are a power couple but we are just a couple of young adults trying to get by exploring the world and creating art. We have dachshunds and draw on the sidewalk. We enjoy urban and backcountry backpacking. Follow our journey as we grow and learn from our travels.