By on December 23, 2021

Happy 2021, the year that tried hard to be better than 2020 and did an okay job. Jessi and I shared lots of moments with friends and family this year that couldn’t come soon enough, but we’re still missing no-stress meetups with our friends and trips to see our extended chalk family. There’s clearly a long way to go to get back to a normal that better matches how it used to be and we’ll get there once the children are vaccinated.

This Christmas we did lots of art and the very next day gave it away.

A year to remember


We felt safe to travel, focusing on outdoor activities such as going to the beach or the zoo. Places we went included a road trip up to Michigan and another to PA, camping in North Ga, and a flight to San Diego.

remote work

This year started on a hopeful note with vaccinations for family and friends, some we hugged for the first time in a while. Luckily we were able to continue working remotely. This year Jessi got a promotion and Zach got a new job.

chalk art

The pandemic did not stop our chalking adventures. We got more opportunities this year as the world shifted to outdoor activities and festivals. States where we created murals included OR, MN, MI, ND, GA, FL, TX and TN. We also gained more experience and expertise with 3D murals.


  • Jessi was promoted to Experience Lead at her company.
  • She enjoyed wine tours and traveling with her friends.
  • Chalked in GA, FL, OR, MN, MI, TN, and TX


  • Zach got a new job at QGenda in December
  • He was a featured chalk artist in Douglasville, GA for their Stranger Things anniversary block party and he was a featured chalk artist for chalk festivals in Wahpeton, ND and Kerrville, TX
  • Organized chalk festivals in Peachtree Corners, Decatur, and Madison Yards.
  • Zach went to the movies twice in 2021 which was a treat.
  • Zach got his vaccine and booster shots but lost his card. Please don’t be like Zach and try to hold onto your card once you get shots.


  • Lachlan traveled a lot this year and visited MI, RI, PA, CA, VA, DC.
  • Lachlan went to Dinosaur Kingdom 2, it was okay, but he says it wasn’t realistic.
  • His favorite animals were shark, t-rex, owls, and alligators. We were members at the GA aquarium and went to the shark exhibit many times.
  • Lachlan cut his own hair this year (not pictured).


  • Immi turned 1!!!
  • Started crawling – on one leg.
  • Loves her Daphne dog and Word Party
  • Immi loves the dolphin show at the aquarium.
  • Imogen saw the Pacific ocean for the first time.

Zach and Jessi
Atlanta, GA, USA

Hi we are Zach and Jessi. Some say we are a power couple but we are just a couple of young adults trying to get by exploring the world and creating art. We have dachshunds and draw on the sidewalk. We enjoy urban and backcountry backpacking. Follow our journey as we grow and learn from our travels.