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2023 in Review

By on December 18, 2023

Another big year for the Herndon Family! We enjoyed many fun events and travel together. We started the year with a trip to Disney World and ended in Hawaii! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends to visit and enjoy.

How it began…

How its going…


  • Started interacting and loving road trips and plane rides
  • First haircut (Thanks Lachlan… )
  • Joined ballet and gymnastics
  • Leveled from toddler to primary at Montessori In Town
  • Okay Avocado!
  • She lived out her dream of meeting Elsa and Anna


  • Joined Cub Scouts
  • We are reading!
  • 3rd place Chalk Winner in Somerset, PA
  • Art award for all of 1st grade
  • Enjoyed learning Guitar at Mister John’s Music School
  • Made 30+ Cotton Eye Joes
  • Had his first stitches
  • Lost his two front teeth
  • Spent the day with Captain Jack Sparrow


  • organized and led 3 events, and worked with big projects for the City of Duluth, the City of Chamblee, Six Flags Over GA, and the Stranger Things Block Party in Douglasville.
  • traveled for chalk events across the USA, in Germany, and in Austria. He drew Jessi at least 5 times 5 different ways.
  • Practiced Spanish with over 300 days in duolingo. !que bueno!
  • Turned 40! Celebrated with a surprise birthday party organized by Caroline and Jessi
  • Probably walked or drove to and from two schools 500+ times.
  • Still passionate about making things. This year he experimented with molten aluminum at home and molten iron at an iron pour.
  • Loves his doggie Daphne


  • Trained hard at Oxfit all year 💪
  • Did some solo travel in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Italy)
  • Finally chalked in California!
  • Led big chalk projects with Atlanta Braves, Atlanta United, The High Museum and Wild Adventures

Our notable travels included

  • Jessi, Zach, Imogen, Lachlan, and Melissa (Mema) vacation at Disney.
  • Jessi and Zach chalked in Lake Worth, FL
  • Zach and Jessi traveled to Mexico for a wedding of our amazing friends
  • Jessi, Zach, Imogen, & Lachlan rode up the east coast and celebrated the 4th of July in Washington DC. We saw so many unique things on our trip at the museums and visited the space shuttle.
  • Imogen and Lachlan visited grandad and grannie in RI for two weeks while Jessi and Zach went to Germany and Austria to chalk with so many talented artists and friends and also travelled through Switzerland to the Top of Europe.
  • Jessi toured Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy on an awesome chalk journey
  • We said goodby to a friend
  • Zach officiated a dear friend’s wedding in Punta Cana, DR while Jessi threw flowers
  • Turkey day in paradise. We visited family in Hawai’i and stayed on Ford Island across from the USS Utah.
  • Christmas at home. We hosted family for two days of holiday fun.

Zach and Jessi
Atlanta, GA, USA

Hi we are Zach and Jessi. Some say we are a power couple but we are just a couple of young adults trying to get by exploring the world and creating art. We have dachshunds and draw on the sidewalk. We enjoy urban and backcountry backpacking. Follow our journey as we grow and learn from our travels.