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Jungle Trek and Heat Rash on Ko Phi Phi

By on May 22, 2015

We spent some time on the bay after the sleep abroad. There is very good food there and we had yummy pad Thai! It is an interesting and busy spot. I was surprised by all the tattoo shops. There are many stray cats too, unlike the mainland that has dogs everywhere. They are cute and sleep on the steps of all the shops. It is probably paradise for them with all the fish scraps.

I got heat rash… We walked nearly 5 miles all over the island to get to Holiday Inn resort. They do not recommend this way and one guide said for us to take his boat because it is impossible. We proved everyone wrong and even though it was really hard we did it.
I gave Zach the trail name Zip because he was walking so fast. He named me Wah… I had good reason to complain. It was terribly hot and when we arrived I had a headache and rash all over my body. It was not fun.

To get to the resort we hiked through the jungle, on roads and through private resorts. One was under construction and abandoned. It was very strange and did seem a bit haunted. We saw several memorials for the tsunami victims. It is so sad.
We took a shower and grabbed a bite to eat. Everything was expensive for Thailand.



We had a romantic dinner on the beach last night. They bring all courses at once here. It is strange and our table was full of food. The food was good but almost too spicy. I am trying my best so I ate a little. It was nice to share some wine with my Zach under some candle light. Then we walked on the beach. I love him so much. This has been such a good trip. We go to railay beach next on the mainland.

Zach and Jessi
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