The Ancient City of Pompei

By on May 8, 2016

We visited ancient Italy in the city of Pompeii. We were amazed that the city was so well preserved.

Pompei is an amazing and beautiful city. I wish we could have experienced it in its hay day. It is such a tragedy that it was destroyed. But somehow I am glad it was preserved so well. It is a time capsule of another life 2,000 years ago.

I never thought that I would visit this city when learning about it in school. It’s amazingly preserved and relatively untouched by modern facilities.
We travelled with Jean-Marc and Edith. We saw a memorial for 9/11. It was sobering to be reminded of that tragedy so far away from home. It stole some of these spring from my step and helped bring perspective considering the city we were visiting had been struck by a worse tragedy ~2000 years ago.
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