San Diego vacation with littles under five

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Pacific Ocean
By on December 13, 2021

One might call this a Calication but it really only included San Diego, Carlsbad, and La Jolla. I highly recommend these cities for a winter getaway with little ones. Our babies were the perfect age for it – noting as well that the baby would also enjoy it if she was a little older. Lachlan was the perfect age at 4 years for attractions like Lego Land, San Diego Zoo and Sea World. He is obsessed with legos, rhinos and killer whales. We made sure to see some local beaches and have some relaxation along the way. Overall it was a very enjoyable trip with tons to do! Our only regret is not having a chance to go whale watching. Our tour was canceled due to fear of Covid. There was a spike right when we left which made the trip very interesting. I will talk more about that in the end of this as I do not want it to be the focus.

Zach and Jessi
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