2016 End of Year Review

By on December 7, 2016

We wish you the best of holidays this year. We definitely had an adventure packed 2016! This year has been full of chalk art, travel and dachshunds!


Chalk work this year was great and we met a lot of new friends at street painting festivals across the South East and in Europe. Zach started chalking his own squares at festivals and Jessi has really started grow into her own style. This year we chalked in 3 countries, 6 states, and 18 cities.

In May we went to Italy to become real Madonnari in the city of Nocera Superiore. After the festival we explored the ruins of Pompeii, the monuments of Rome, and the cliffs of Positano. In June we travelled to Germany to chalk at the Blumberg Street Festival. The turnout was awesome and the festival was a lot of fun.

We hosted 3 Pop-Up Chalk festivals in Atlanta this year and have been excited to see the GA Chalk Artists Guild grow in involvement throughout the state.

It’s hard to separate our chalking from travel but we also visited a number of places this year for reasons other than chalking. Jessi had work in New York at the beginning of the year so we ran in Central Park on New Year’s Eve. We later came back to NY to cycle in the 5 Borough Ride, which was cold and wet this year. We hiked the beautiful Swiss alps and consumed all the wine and cheese we could while visiting the winding streets of Lucerne and the beauty of the Matterhorn in Zermatt.

At home we continued our mission for caring for the DREAM Rescue dachshunds. We have our foster Kiki as well as our two little ones, Maxwell and Daphne. We hosted 4 other dogs this year and can’t wait to see who joins our family nest.


We look forward to another big year in 2017 filled with friends and family. We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Zach and Jessi
Atlanta, GA, USA

Hi we are Zach and Jessi. Some say we are a power couple but we are just a couple of young adults trying to get by exploring the world and creating art. We have dachshunds and draw on the sidewalk. We enjoy urban and backcountry backpacking. Follow our journey as we grow and learn from our travels.