Atlanta Cycling Festival Recap

By on June 22, 2015


The Atlanta Cycling Festival was a week long series of events that were meant to help promote cycling in Atlanta. The city is slowly becoming more bike friendly and new bike lanes are being added. Zach and I participated in many of the events. We enjoyed learning about bike maintenance, cycling through the city with other passionate cyclists and just hanging out with some good company. All of the money for the different events went to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition to put towards creating a better bike infrastructure in the community by adding bike lanes and bicycle parking.


Maintenance Clinic With Snyder Cycles
Saturday, June 13th, 5:30pm

We started by choosing the events we wanted to go to and added them to our calendar. We both really enjoy the vibe of Snyder Cycles and were excited to go to their maintenance demo. Seth Snyder and his crew showed us the basics like changing a tire, checking the chain, and cleaning our bike. The methods they showed were ones we have not tried before and they will make life a lot easier in the future. He noted things like…”Don’t patch your tire on the side of the road. Put in a new tube and patch the old one at home. It will save time and hassle.” Great advise Seth! And of course his pup, Snack-pack was there to lend a helping hand! If you ever need a tuning or want a beautiful custom made bike then that is the place for you.

Don’t patch your tire on the side of the road. Put in a new tube and patch the old one at home. It will save time and hassle.


After Seth filled our brains with all his bicycle maintenance knowledge, we made our way down Freedom Parkway and the Beltline to the opening ceremony for the Atlanta Cycling Festival. There were tents and vendors for local bike shops and businesses around the city.

It is nice to know that cyclists have so much support.

Zach and I signed up for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. You should too! We get discounts at local restaurants and help cycling our city grow. We bought some drinks and hung out with the DJ Chris Orosco. Zach seemed to know him; he knows everyone. It was a very fun time and we got raffle tickets. Later in the night they called them out and we won the one and only specialty Atlanta Cycling Festival jersey! We also won a really nice bike rack. After wondering how we would bike back with it on our bikes, we had our DJ friend drive us back with the bikes on the rack! It worked out very well.

2015-06-16 14.29.10

Piedmont Park Picnic Ride
Sunday, June 14th, 12pm

The next event was a picnic in the park! It was led by Snyder Cycles as well. We biked over there and got some Sweet Auburn BBQ from next door. We gathered with the other cyclists and lined up to take a easy ride to Piedmont Park. Piedmont where we host our meetup, Power Up Piedmont. We love it there and it is so gorgeous. Once we arrived with the group we went in and grabbed Daphne and Pancake her puppy friend. They really wanted our BBQ too! Puppypalooza was happening in the park too. I got Daphne a pretty flower for her collar.





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