Things they do not tell you before you’re pregnant

By on June 28, 2017

This is based on my experience. So take it for what it is…

  1. You are really capable until the 8th month There was an article saying that Gal Gadot was 5 months pregnant during shooting of ‘Wonder Woman’. Everyone was very impressed, and she is a badass, but I couldn’t help but laugh. During month 5 you are glowing and very capable of all the same physical activity. Every pregnancy is different but unless you have complications you should be able to carry on as before just fine – minus the swollen feet.
  2. Pink Barre while pregnant

    Pink Barre during my second trimester.

  3. It is not all back pain. Mostly it is stomach pains… You feel full all the time and the bloat is real. I will summarize my pregnancy as 9 months of stomach pains. Many of them were false labors called Braxton Hicks. Some were just my uterus expanding. Other problems were bloating and cramps and constipation. You name it, it happened. I will not google what goes on inside as the stomach moves towards the back as your organs make room for the baby, but I am pretty sure that had something to do with it.
  4. Nesting is a thing. Sometimes you want to sit but you have the urge to do things.  This urge out-ways the physical pains of pregnancy and is an emotional burden. I could normally do a task very quickly, but while pregnant, I dread it or it turns into an all day effort. This includes the small things like de-cluttering a space or folding laundry. It is just exhausting to think about but I want it all done right now. I want our home to be PERFECT for when baby comes but am not capable of doing a lot towards the end. I get tired and need to sit due to the physical strain on my body and mind.
  5. It is emotionally draining and pregnancy brain is REAL. You will be told things you don’t want to hear. Everyone has horror stories about their pregnancies and there are ton of documentaries that tell you the way it should go or not go… On top of all that worry you will forget your thoughts every ten seconds. I started a bullet journal to help with this.
  6. Your partner will never understand. Unless you are in pain, they will think you can do anything. But really do need the door opened or help getting out of bed. I have very weak stomach muscles right now and cannot get around even the house. It is best to find a support group online or in your community that is going through the same symptoms.

Swollen feet during the last two months…

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